Exercise Prescription

An exercise prescription is a training plan tailored to your ability and existing level of heart health that is designed to alleviate your risk factors for heart disease and stroke, avoid a full-blown cardiac episode and let you live a fuller, more active life.

As recommended by the Canadian Cardiovascular Society and the American College of Sports Medicine, certain clients with heart disease, and those with risk factors require a formal clearance to exercise provided by trained and certified clinicians. This will enable our clients to understand when it is safe to exercise and to what level, how to monitor their exercise targets, how to achieve the desired outcome and when it might be unsafe to exercise.

Our clinicians will individualize our recommendations based on our clients’ cardiovascular performance, any musculo-skeletal concerns and their equipment or exercise method preference. This can be updated from time to time, especially when a client’s performance is improved, or circumstances change.

Clinicians interested in learning more about exercise prescriptions for their patients and whether their patients are healthy enough to exercise, please refer to the “For Clinicians” section of our website.


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