An echocardiogram is an ultrasound of the heart

Similar to an ultrasound of an unborn baby, an echocardiogram will show moving images of your heart and take pictures. Your doctor can use these pictures to determine the function of your heart valves as well as the pressure inside your heart.

The sonographer will attach electrodes to your chest with tape and attach the electrodes to a machine. Then, he or she will put an ultrasound gel onto  a transducer, which sends and receives the harmless ultrasound waves between your body and the machine. The gel allows the ultrasound beams to go through your chest wall so that it he or she can “see” your heart.

You may need this test if you have had chest or upper arm pain, a heart murmur, a heart attack, a heart defect, and/or a history of heart disease. There is no radiation involved in a heart ultrasound and little to no risk.

We are pleased to provide echocardiograms through a service arrangement with Medical Imaging Consultants, next door to Cardio Connect. We will be pleased to book an appointment on your behalf at the same time you visit our office, in order to reduce inconvenience to you and provide your physician with a full cardiac assessment package.

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