Nutrition Month 2014: Stocking a healthy kitchen

If you haven’t yet, please check out my previous post on Nutrition Month 2014 to give you some background information or visit What better place to start than in the kitchen! When it comes to healthy cooking the most important thing is to have a kitchen pantry and fridge that is stocked full of… Read more »

Nutrition Month 2014: Simply Cook and Enjoy!

March is Nutrition Month and this year Dietitians of Canada has decided on the theme “Simply Cook and Enjoy”.  This year’s theme is designed with the hopes of inspiring Canadians to get back into the kitchen and enjoy cooking and preparing healthy meals from scratch. Today, more and more Canadians rely on pre-packaged foods, processed… Read more »

Food 101: Kale

Kale is a beautiful dark leafy green vegetable that packs a huge nutritional punch and has been recently increasing in popularity with some calling it the “queen of the greens”. Kale is a cruciferous vegetable and is part of the same family of vegetables as broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts. It is easy to… Read more »

Caffeine Nation

Every morning many Canadians across the country wake up and immediately head straight for their coffee maker to brew the perfect cup of coffee or drop in to their favorite local coffee shop to purchase their coffee beverage of choice. Coffee holds a dear place in the heart of many Canadians not only because of… Read more »

Sodium 101

Sodium is a nutrient that is found naturally in table salt and many other foods. While sodium is an important nutrient to help maintain normal blood pressure, blood volume, muscle and nerve function in our bodies, we only need it in small amounts for it to do its job properly. Eating more sodium than you… Read more »

Make Your Plate a Rainbow!

Vegetables and fruits are packed full with a long list of essential nutrients, and research has proven time and time again that these nutrients are crucial to living a long, healthy and happy life. With their endless list of health benefits, from cardiovascular disease prevention to cancer prevention to simply making your skin glow, it… Read more »

Open House

Our Open House at Cardio Connect was a huge success on Wednesday night.  Thank you to everyone who joined us on such a cold evening, after working all day.  We are very proud of the clinic and to show everyone  the services we offer. Thank you!

The Truth about Fats

Fats can tend to get a bad reputation in our diet however, fat is an essential nutrient in health that gives you energy and helps you to absorb fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E and vitamin K. There are three types of fats in our diets: unsaturated, saturated and trans, and… Read more »

Thank you!

Our team at Cardio Connect want to give a big thank you to our patients for all the positive feedback and support that we have recieved during the first two weeks of opening our clinic. Your words of support really make this worthwhile! Also, we want to take this opportunity to clarify that our clinic… Read more »

Don’t take chances with chest pain

Should I call 911 for an ambulance if I have chest pain? You should call 911 if the pain: Is new or severe Happens along with shortness of breath Lasts more than a few minutes Gets worse when you walk, climb stairs, or do other types of physical activity Scares or worries you Having chest… Read more »