Eating Out the Healthy Way

Eating out is a reality in today’s busy world when convenience is key, however making healthy choices when eating out is not always easy. Restaurant meals are notoriously low in vegetables and fruit, high in sodium, fat, sugar and calories, and can come in portion sizes large enough to feed a whole family! Although it… Read more »

A Guide to Eating Seasonally

With summer produce in full swing we can all experience first hand the benefits of eating seasonally, filling our bellies with delicious ripe berries, peaches, tomatoes and more; but there is more to eating seasonally than just great taste. Seasonal and locally grown produce not only tastes better, it is also higher in nutrients, less expensive and has a much smaller environmental… Read more »

Building the perfect smoothie

Smoothies are a delicious and refreshing way to cool down on those hot summer days and are such an easy way to incorporate more fruits and vegetables (…yes vegetables!) into your day. If you plan it out right, you can pack so much nutrition into a cup with a smoothie and they make a great… Read more »

Food 101: Chia

The first thing you may think of when I say the word “chia” are those green furry chia pets in clay pots you used to grow in your window sill. Nowadays however, chia seeds are popping up all over the place in recipes because of their amazing health benefits. Chia is a flowering plant in… Read more »

All about Protein

Protein is one of the three main macronutrients in our diets (carbohydrates and fat are the other two) and is an essential nutrient that is a component of all cells, tissue, and organ in the human body. Protein found in the foods we eat is digested into amino acids which are then later used to… Read more »

Fibre fibre fibre!

Fibre is your friend! Fibre includes all of the parts of plant foods that your body can’t digest or absorb and sometimes goes by the names of “roughage” or “bulk”. We all know that fibre helps to keep us regular and maintain a healthy digestive system but fibre also provides so many other great health… Read more »

A healthier summer BBQ

As the days start to get longer and warmer in June we know that summer is just around the corner and that means everyone is firing up their grills to get ready for BBQ season. Grilling can be a nutritious, low-fat way to cook your meals and a summer BBQ can be a great simple… Read more »

Nutrigenomix: Eat according to your genes

At Cardio Connect we now have an exciting new service to offer to help you to optimize your health! Nutrigenomix Inc. is a University of Toronto biotechnology company that moves genetic studies from the laboratory into the clinic. Nutrigenomix® has developed a panel of 7 genetic tests and a genetic gluten-intolerance test that enables our Registered… Read more »

White Coat Hypertension

White coat hypertension, more commonly known as white coat syndrome, is a phenomenon in which patients’ exhibit elevated blood pressure in a clinical setting but not in other settings.   It is believed that this is due to the anxiety some people experience during a clinic visit. The syndrome produces a challenge for physicians seeking an… Read more »

Stroke Prevention

Did you know that June is Stroke Awareness Month? What is a stroke? The Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada defines stroke as a sudden loss of brain function that is caused by the interruption of blood flow to the brain (ischemic stroke), or the rupture of a blood vessel in the brain (hemorrhagic stroke). … Read more »