Nutrition Month 2014: Simply Cook and Enjoy!

March is Nutrition Month and this year Dietitians of Canada has decided on the theme “Simply Cook and Enjoy”.  This year’s theme is designed with the hopes of inspiring Canadians to get back into the kitchen and enjoy cooking and preparing healthy meals from scratch. Today, more and more Canadians rely on pre-packaged foods, processed foods and fast food restaurants because of busy lifestyles, lack of time and potential loss of food knowledge and cooking skills. This generally results in a diet higher in sodium, fat and sugar and lower in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, fibre and other important nutrients which can lead to an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Basic cooking skills and food knowledge can drastically help Canadians to become more comfortable around food and cooking homemade meals and thus can help to improve diet quality and overall health.

My goal is to help you realize that healthy food does not need to be complicated and can be just as quick as and even more delicious than pre-packaged meals and fast food. Over the month I will be including a variety of posts taking you back to the basics of cooking and sharing ideas about how to make quick, easy, healthy and, most importantly, delicious meals for you and your family. These posts will include:

  • Stocking a healthy kitchen
  • Back to the basics of cooking
  • Quick and easy meals- healthy fast food!
  • Healthy meal makeovers
  • Essential cooking tools
  • Loving leftovers

If you have any questions or other ideas please feel free to comment below! Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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